Doubt opinions and find facts

The healthy sceptic is not a know it all who sounds like a Richard but is balanced and assured of what is fact and what is fiction. Sceptics easily recognise the fallacious argument however clever and can smile, walk away or take the Michael. A healthy sceptic is less likely to be duped, taken for a ride, pulled for a fast one, get fooled and can avoid the embarrassment of believing in nonsense spread by the average John Doe. More important than all this is that a healthy sceptic can find the facts and know what matters and when it does. This is an essential skill to save the planet.

monkeys grooming, Indonesia

What is good ecology?

Ecology is the E in FED, the engine room of food production for both subsistence and intensive agriculture. Here we explain why good ecology is central to feeding everyone...

Healthy Sceptic Topics

elephant herd grazing in the grass

The tale of the elephant

There are many reasons for scientific research, from product development to saving the planet; all are justifiable to a degree, but sometimes the objectives get a little out of whack and affect the science. Here is an...

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