Solutions within society

Solutions to feeding everyone have to leverage and even disrupt society with all its psychological and institutional complexity. Science is the easy part. The real inspiration is needed to tackle the man-made institutions that can and perhaps should be replaced, restructured, or reformed. This will need courage, care, and a healthy supply of evidence.

Be bold and throw your ideas into the real world of people with all their wants, needs and constraints.

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What is good society?

Society determines FED. Human institutions drive food, ecology and diet from supply chains to governance. Society is also about people, how they think, behave and their emotional responses. Feeding everyone needs...

Society Topics

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The right to life

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights set an agenda for the common achievement of all peoples, a worthy aspiration that should be at the front of everyone's mind. Here we ask what it means for food.

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Obsession with top down

Sometimes you read a well-meaning research article and all is well until, boom, it hits you. The authors are from somewhere beyond the Orion nebula, over 1,300 light years away. Here is evidence that the aliens have...

Carbon footprints

Did you know the idea of a carbon footprint goes back to the 1990s? More than 30 years of calculating how much a person contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

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What science disciplines do we need?

Research is notoriously parochial. Like binds to like with superglue. Tackling wicked problems that require more than one sub-discipline means finding a strong solvent and quickly...

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Why you need scientific authority

Science means a lot to you. You may not know this or perhaps you do and take it for granted. Some are even in denial about science when it is time to accept the power of legitimate science and use it wisely...

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