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Why did the snail cross the road?

Why indeed? A snail has no notion of roads, what they are made of or what they are used for or even that it is lousy habitat for a gastropod. So what, you might ask...

pears lined up on the counter

Finding solutions to future food

Humans are good at errors. We love telling people that they are wrong even when our pot is as burnt as their kettle. Critiques are not enough to shape our future...

seared steak sliced on a platter

Meatless Monday?

It might make you feel good to go meatless on a Monday. But what about the billions of people who do not have the luxury of such a choice? Where do they get their nutrients?

Farmer in a wheat field

Should farmers be indentured servants?

Modern food production is geared for profit. The producer has less and less control over the process that sets input costs and price. Is it time for governments to intervene to support the family farm?

illegal coal miner staring into the camera

Is coal sustainable?

When the Victorians discovered coal at the start of the industrial revolution, it changed the world. But was it a sustainable resource? Back then, they didn’t even think to ask the question.

Rising inequality and food

The good, the bad, and the ugly of capitalism are with everyone now. Inequality is especially insidious with the concentration of wealth and access to food creating a wicked conundrum...

Eat more sugar, seriously

The prevalence of obesity across the world has nearly tripled in the last 40 years. Over 13% of adults are obese and one in three are overweight. The reason is an overabundance of calories and a lot of them come from...

Priorities for our food system

Humanity has a great need for food. We exist in unprecedented numbers and every person has a calorific and nutrient demand just to keep body and soul together. This has put food production and diet in the spotlight...

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