Producing enough nutritious food

Global food production is huge. It delivers to humanity over 23 trillion calories (kcal) each and every day even when a third of the production goes to waste. But not everyone gets enough nutrition from this six-continent food supply chain and few are aware of the complexity and vulnerability. The challenge is how to keep these fragile systems going as demand grows and supply is increasingly constrained. Sustainable food is the sustainably FED theme that explores the details of this mega challenge when unlimited growth is not an option.

Check out our pillar post ‘what is sustainable food’ for the basics and dip into dozens more posts to understand the many nuances of food production.

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What is sustainable food?

Sustainable food is the F in sustainably FED, the production, distribution and access for food is grown to supply the human population with 22 trillion kilocalories daily. A miraculous achievement, but can we keep it...

Food Topics

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Why we love soil carbon

We know that soil carbon is essential for food production from sifting through the science and from our practical experience working with soils from Nairobi to Narrabri. Here is a summary of that logic.

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