Producing enough nutritious food

Global food production delivers to humanity over 23 trillion calories (kcal) each and every day. Not everyone gets enough nutrition from this production but the complexity and efficiency of the food systems are staggering. The challenge is how to keep these fragile systems going as demand grows and supply is increasingly constrained. This sFED theme explores the details of this mega challenge when unlimited growth is not an option.

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homemade burger

What is good food?

Food is the F in FED. It’s all about food production, how and what is grown to supply the human population with 22 trillion kilocalories each and every day. Clearly a miraculous achievement, but can we keep it going?

Food Topics

early VW car factory in Austria

Soil is not a factory worker

Soil is agriculture's equivalent of the factory worker replaced by machines; initially more efficient, works longer hours without tiring, and increases output. But is food an industrial process?

lone seedling in coarse soil

Some very scary shit on soil

Soil is a precious resource that is easily damaged and depleted by agricultural practices. Once damaged, soils are less productive and not easily renewed. This should scare the pants off you.

Sydney skyline at susnset

Audacious agriculture ideas for Australia

In an address to Congress on May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy's set a national goal for the 1960s of "landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth". We need such audacious ideas today.

bowl of Asian curry

Just-in-time food supply chains

When I go to the supermarket, there is always food on the shelves. I can choose among thousands of products without a care other than the family budget. I am one lucky…

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