Ecology is the engine

Plants capture energy from the sun and convert it into biomass that animals use to survive, grow and reproduce. Only there is far more going on. A host of biodiversity below ground and in the water ensure ecological processes persist. Humans appropriate the subsequent biomass and manipulate the cycling of energy and matter into more and more food. Understanding how we can keep this applied ecology going is the only way to feed everyone.

Ecology is and supports all life and the posts below will help you find out why.

monkeys grooming, Indonesia

What is good ecology?

Ecology is the E in FED, the engine room of food production for both subsistence and intensive agriculture. Here we explain why good ecology is central to feeding everyone...

Ecology Topics

Why rare species might not matter

Alloporus constantly bangs on about why biodiversity is not a synonym for conservation. Sustainably FED agrees, and here we discuss why… Spoiler alert — rare is not what matters most.

elephant herd in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

The reason for biodiversity loss

There is one reason for the loss of biodiversity currently making up the sixth mass extinction and it is beyond time that it was owned. Here are the basics from an unusual angle...

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