Eating sustainably and well 

You are what you eat because the human body is a complex organic engine built and fuelled by the food we consume. We need calories from fats or carbohydrates but we need nutrients too, especially essential amino acids in proteins. What we eat is personal, it determines health and wellbeing and everyone makes their own choice.  But for many that choice is constrained by availability, access and knowledge. Many diets are not sustainable because they are out of balance with our biology and are pushing planetary limits.

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What is a good diet?

Diet is the D in FED. It is intimately connected to food production and the ecological engine that we rely on to meet food demand. Here we explain more about our definition of diet...

Diet Topics

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Change in calories

Average daily food consumption is above the 2,500 kilocalorie threshold to maintain human body weight in all regions of the world. A remarkable achievement.

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Diversity of diet

Back before agriculture was invented, anthropologists suggest that modern humans, Homo sapiens, had a highly varied diet. Not perhaps as individuals who ate what they could get, but in the aggregate.

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