How to avoid the classic blah, blah, blah

Infuriation, that feeling of extreme anger and impatience, can get the better of anyone. We suffer from it almost daily but find ways around some of it…

Obsession with top down

Sometimes you read a well-meaning research article and all is well until, boom, it hits you. The authors are from somewhere beyond the Orion nebula, over 1,300 light years away. Here is evidence that the...

A healthy diet starts with a deep breath

Just because Tic Toc has a million videos of random people making keto cakes, it doesn’t mean you have to eat them.

The irony of naturalness

We are so far removed from nature we cannot touch, see or smell it—but we still prefer the nature-friendly option

Why Greta Thunberg said “blah, blah, blah”

Youngsters are often fearless, courageous individuals with the ability to see through the fog. We need them to keep calling us all to the task.

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