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illegal coal miner staring into the camera

Is coal sustainable?

When the Victorians discovered coal at the start of the industrial revolution, it changed the world. But was it a sustainable resource? Back then, they didn’t even think to ask the question.

Is your breakfast sustainable?

Hobbit meal times are breakfasting at 7 am, second breakfast at 9 am, elevenses, luncheon at 1 pm, then afternoon tea at 3 pm. What have Middle-Earth meal times got to do with sustainability?

Coal-fired Teslas

Electric cars are touted as the transport solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving the planet from excessive warming. If only it were so simple...

glass half full or empty

How full is the food glass?

Many believe humanity continues inextricable progress. Others that we career towards a cliff of resource scarcity. Is the glass half full or half-empty? There is a way to find out...

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