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Finding solutions to future food

Humans are good at errors. We love telling people that they are wrong even when our pot is as burnt as their kettle. Critiques are not enough to shape our future...

Farmers supported Trump

Farmers are expected to be conservative, it’s almost a given. But really it is their attitude to risk driven by extremes of cost, uncertainty and sheer hard work of producing food for sale — together this is more than...

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The 22 trillion a day challenge

Humanity has faced many challenges from famine, war and pestilence to climate change and COVID-19. So far we have overcome them all through fortitude, imagination and sacrifice. However, the biggest challenge awaits...

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What is good food?

Food is the F in FED. It’s all about food production, how and what is grown to supply the human population with 22 trillion kilocalories each and every day. Clearly a miraculous achievement, but can we keep it going?

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