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Comment | A possum problem

None of the integration of food, ecology and diet advocated here on sustainably FED is easy. There are many challenges in a more ecological way of feeding everyone well.

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Overshoot, the precursor to collapse

Overshoot is when the consumption of resources exceeds the amount available, which should trigger the ecological principle of density-dependence to pull consumption back below the resource limit. We had better hope this...

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Silent Spring

On 27 September 2022, it was 60 years since the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, an early warning of what human economic activity will do to nature.

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You really need to know this

Sometimes it is necessary to take stock, to sit under a shady tree and contemplate what brought you to this tree. Then imagine what happens next, given the journey taken and the opportunity to ponder.

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Soil biodiversity matters

Most people have never heard of soil biodiversity, the poor man’s rainforest. But we all should know about it and especially how it maintains critical processes...

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