Defining what we mean by processed food?

Researchers devised a system to determine what is meant by ‘processed food’. This is good news because we need to know how much processing is too much.

Is there a choice in what to have for dinner?

If you shop in a supermarket there seems like an endless choice of tasty food options. But let’s look a little closer…

Food advice and health just don’t add up

There is a clear link between non-communicable disease and diet. Sometimes those we depend upon for facts let us down

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Could this be true?

Dietary recommendations should be informed by what we know about human history and ecology, not what happened in the last few decades.

seared steak sliced on a platter

Meatless Monday?

It might make you feel good to go meatless on a Monday. But what about the billions of people who do not have the luxury of such a choice? Where do they get their nutrients?

Eat more sugar, seriously

The prevalence of obesity across the world has nearly tripled in the last 40 years. Over 13% of adults are obese and one in three are overweight. The reason is an overabundance of calories and a lot of them come from...

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