Daydreamers die of thirst | how our evolutionary past shapes our discounting of the future

Imagine for a moment that you are in the mind and physically fit body of your ancestor somewhere on the African savanna 70,000 years ago. What happens next?

Biology and diet | How biology, willpower and opportunity shape our diets

Do you eat when you're hungry? And when you're hungry, do you choose what you would like to eat or what you should eat or grab what happens to be in the fridge?

Massive changes in average daily energy consumption from food

Average daily food consumption is above the 2,500 kilocalorie threshold to maintain human body weight in all regions of the world. A remarkable achievement.

Category - Sustainable Diet

close up of a flock of sheep

Diversity of diet

Back before agriculture was invented, anthropologists suggest that modern humans, Homo sapiens, had a highly varied diet. Not perhaps as individuals who ate what they could get, but in the aggregate.

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