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Why did the snail cross the road?

Why indeed? A snail has no notion of roads, what they are made of or what they are used for or even that it is lousy habitat for a gastropod. So what, you might ask...

Meatless Monday?

It might make you feel good to go meatless on a Monday. But what about the billions of people who do not have the luxury of such a choice? Where do they get their nutrients?

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Soil is not a factory worker

Soil is agriculture's equivalent of the factory worker replaced by machines; initially more efficient, works longer hours without tiring, and increases output. But is food an industrial process?



pizza on a pizza board fresh from the oven

Change in calories

Average daily food consumption is above the 2,500 kilocalorie threshold to maintain human body weight in all regions of the world. A remarkable achievement.

Diversity of diet

Back before agriculture was invented, anthropologists suggest that modern humans, Homo sapiens, had a highly varied diet. Not perhaps as individuals who ate what they could get, but in the aggregate.

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