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Why did the snail cross the road?

Why indeed? A snail has no notion of roads, what they are made of or what they are used for or even that it is lousy habitat for a gastropod. So what, you might ask...

Meatless Monday?

It might make you feel good to go meatless on a Monday. But what about the billions of people who do not have the luxury of such a choice? Where do they get their nutrients?

Rising inequality and food

The good, the bad, and the ugly of capitalism are with everyone now. Inequality is especially insidious with the concentration of wealth and access to food creating a wicked conundrum...

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Some very scary shit on soil

Soil is a precious resource that is easily damaged and depleted by agricultural practices. Once damaged, soils are less productive and not easily renewed. This should scare the pants off you.


Silent Spring

On 27 September 2022, it was 60 years since the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, an early warning of what human economic activity will do to nature.

You really need to know this

Sometimes it is necessary to take stock, to sit under a shady tree and contemplate what brought you to this tree. Then imagine what happens next, given the journey taken and the opportunity to ponder.


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